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Field Day 1973!

NOAX shared this link to Vashon Maury Island Field day 1973

He says:

I just got a link to a Field Day film from back in the day when the W7FR group set up at the gravel pit in 1973 These operations are still wistfully remembered by local DXers - W7VPF is now K7JA and the young lady is Janet KL7MF both of whom are now running a lot of HRO. The older fellow in the plaid shirt and cap is the irrepressible W7RM and the guy in the white tee shirt is W7PHO who ran an infamous DX net for many years.. You can see the legendary 4-element 40 meter vertical beam (the fiberglass pole vaulting poles may still be under the deck at my old house on Burton Hill) and the 20 meter monobander that was mounted up on the gravel loading boom out over the salt water. It truly was record-setting at the time and would be hard to beat today.

2016 ARRL Field Day June 25-26

Saturday 6/25/16

  • 0800: Breakfast: Sporties
  • 0900-11:00 a.m.: (aka 1800 UTC) Proceed to Sunrise Ridge (map here), behind the Vashon Food Bank and setup antenna's, open trailer, test radios, drink coffees, get in each others way
  • 11:00 a.m-23:59: Play radio on HF voice, CW and Digital, drink coffee, soda, water etc
  • 17:30: Potluck, bring your own plates and cups and something to share.
  • 18:30-19:30 After dinner classes: digital modes and why you should love them.

Sunday 6/26

  • 00:01-11:00 Play radio on HF voice, CW and Digital, drink coffee, soda, water etc, rub eyes, stumble around in the dark
  • 0900: Coffee at 9:00, are YOU bringing pastries?
  • Breakdown:11:00-12:00, return trailer to EOC

Take a look at the duty roster for field day and sign up if you wish.

This years field day rules ar here

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Contact info QSL Information: SASE to: W7VMI PO Box 198 Vashon, WA 98070
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