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The Vashon Cert radio purchase list.

The list below are radio's (and compatible accessories) that many club members own. Of course the longer you're a ham the more radio's enter your collection…

Vashon ACS frequency list and Chirp Images for Baofeng radios

This directory contains the current list of radio frequencies programmed into Baofeng radios used by ACS. It also contains an image suitable for upload into many UV-5R radios. WARNING programming your radio with the wrong image can brick your radio. No warranty or guarantee of compatibility with your radio is expressed or implied. Use at your own risk.

For programming help on your radio ask on the club reflector



Many W7VMI club member's own the Yeasu FT-7800 or FT-7900 radio. Ask on the reflector for programming help. We have cables and software.

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